Factory Links Kawasaki KX125-250 03-07 / KX250F 04-18 / KX450F 06-23 Rear Wheel Bearing Kit


SKU: RWK-K-123

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Factory Links premium off-road wheel bearing kit contains all elements required for a full service of your wheel hub. Our oil seals and ball bearings have established a categorical improvement over conventional bearing. Factory-Links ball bearing features a dedicated off-road design dust seals that offers the ultimate protection against the intrusion of contaminants such as water, mud and dust.


  • Specially designed ball bearings unlike industrial 2RS type, offer low torque resistance.
  • Bearings packed with a heavy duty premium marine grease and an additional complex thickener which allows it to be virtually waterproof.
  • Increased from 30% to 60% grease filling unlike other brands, for harsh conditions.
  • Nitrile butadiene rubber Double-lip oil seals, prevent water and rust.

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