Q: Can you supply Talon, Haan, SM Pro or Envy Wheels for different sizes to what you list?

A: Yes we can supply all brands of wheels custom made to suit your needs, we can customize, rims and spokes to build you a set of wheels to your requirements if it is possible. Custom wheels are our specialty.

Q: How experienced are you at building wheels:

A: Our team of wheel builders have been working in the motorcycle industry for over 40 years.

Q: Why are aftermarket wheels better than OEM wheels for MX / Enduro?

A: OEM wheels are mostly made up of lower quality rims from the main manufacturers to keep the weight and cost of the bike down. OE wheels are mostly fitted with Cast hubs and steel spokes. Aftermarket wheels we can supply the race series rims, stainless steel spokes and aluminium solid billet hubs.

Q: Why are Bulldog Spokes better than other spokes?

A: Bulldog are manufactured from an extremely high tensile stainless-steel wire in the UK. The wire and the finished spokes don’t rust and are designed to withstand the rigours of extreme motocross and enduro riding, softer spokes stretch which results in your spokes coming loose, spoke breakage and your wheels going out of true.

Q: What’s the difference between aftermarket rims and OE rims from the same manufacturer?

A: Companies such as Excel and DID produce countless amounts of rims for all manufacturers across the globe. The OE motorcycles are usually supplied with entry level rims from these manufacturers that is lightweight to keep the overall weight of the new bike down, but also using a softer material usually 6000 series aluminium compared to 7000 series aftermarkets to keep the overall cost of the bike to a premium. The aftermarket rims sold by Excel such as the Signature Series and A60 and DID’s STX are made of high end 7000’s series aluminium and is only available to the aftermarket, not fitted to OEM motorcycles.

 Q: Can you supply custom colours?

A: Yes we can arrange to custom colours of hubs, spokes, and rims for you it just depends on the size and colour you are looking for. Contact us to create your dream set of wheels.

Q: Why are aftermarket hubs stronger than OE hubs?

A: Most OE hubs are made from casted aluminium. Casting is an extremely lightweight and in-expensive way of producing aluminium parts. Aftermarket hubs produced by companies such as Envy, Haan etc are manufactured from solid billet aluminium. Billets of alloy are CNC machined over a period of hours to create 1-piece hubs that are extremely strong with no weakness due to the machining process. The wastage of material to produce a solid billet hub is approximately 50%. Aftermarket hubs usually feature upgrades to OE. For example, most OE mx/enduro rear wheels are fitted with single bearing sprocket and disc side. Most aftermarket wheels are fitted with 2 bearings on the sprocket side to spread the load and drive from the chain. Brands such as Envy and Haan also feature an improved spoke lacing pattern to OE, this is the science that goes into years of knowledge of wheel building. Spoke bend, bend length’s, bend angle, overall length and how many times each spoke crosses each other in the build of wheel are extremely critical, the people who build the most wheels know the importance of all this.

Q: How long does it take to supply a set of wheels?

A: We build wheels every day and pride ourselves on the fastest turnaround time in Australia. If we have all the components in stock for your wheel order, usually 1-2 days and the wheels are dispatched to you on our freight forwarders. We special order parts in frequently from our suppliers, so generally even for custom orders our lead time is no more than 2-4 weeks.

Q: Can I send my wheels back for service?

A: Absolutely, wheel maintenance is key. If you are a hard-core race or even just a fun rider, your wheels should be serviced during a race season. If you return the wheels to us, we can check the tension of your spokes, re-true your wheels, inspect and replace wheel bearings, seals, spokes / nipples that need replacing and return your wheels to you in A1 condition.

Q: What if I break spokes?

A: If you have an accident or something like a branch gets tangled in your wheel and break spokes, we can supply replacement spokes to you should you have a local dealer/mechanic in the area to conduct the replacement. We would recommend returning the wheel to us, however there are many motorcycle dealers across the country who have mechanics that can replace spokes for you. We do not recommend you doing this at home yourself.

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